Dear, The only man I ever let get so close to my heart

Dear, The only man I ever let get so close to my heart

We couldn’t hold it together anymore, 1 year 8 months down the drain

It’s crazy how I remember the date, the time, the memories

You didn’t know this, no one knew this, because I bottled my emotions

but every night during that full painful month, I wept

cried myself to sleep as I hold my pillow tight only wishing -hoping

that pillow was your body

I drowned myself in those tears, pillow and t-shirt soaked as I reminisced

of our sweet love, funny moments and promises that were made, but only

to be broken. Your face shines bright in my mind with that big ol’ smile.

My little Leo, as I was your little Moonchild. Sun and Moon.

But what happened? I sit here as I constantly ask myself. It always

seems to trouble me. It stirs in my brain. Our story was not finished.

But why did it end so abruptly? Remember the passionate love we made?

Remember looking into each others eyes demanding this is where we

wanted to be - Forever. Your touch drove me crazy. Do you remember the

walls in the house? Where everyone thought we lived together. They held

our deepest darkest secrets. Those are the walls I still see everyday but

now something is missing..You…

I had hoped for a brighter future with you. A big home filled with our

children, running around playing as we hold and lift them high because

they are our world. What hurts me the most are the “what could’ve been”

I was so in Love that every lie you told me, I believed. Foolishly.

Somehow I was trapped in your realm, So wrapped up in the Love

I had for you, while you’d rather club with all those fast girls. You know

we had that Love/Hate relationship although I could never hate you

when I wanted to. There are so many things I wish I could tell you,

how much I miss you. How much you are the only man I have ever

truly loved. But can you hear me? Can you see me? Can you feel my

words? Where did you go? I often find myself crying over the thoughts

of you. Your scent, how you smelled after you put on the cologne I

bought you for Valentine’s day lingers around me. How your long black

wavy hair hung in the night, although you didn’t like your hair down, I did

I took you in for who you were, I have loved you from the very beginning

Everyone thought I was crazy for falling for you

Funny thing was I never thought I would fall so hard.

You had a different way of showing your love, I just couldn’t understand it

Fire and Water doesn’t go together and I see now.

But somehow you will forever remain engraved

In my heart

In my mind

In my soul

To: The Only Man I Ever Let Get So Close To My Heart …

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